Sunday, 22 July 2012

China – Beijing deluged by worst floods for 60 years

rain in china

In Beijing, the Chinese capital has been experiencing the worst rainfall in 60 years causing flash floods, wide scale damage and several people have been killed. According to the BBC roof collapses, lightning strikes and electrocution from downed power lines were among the causes of the deaths. If you look at the Chinese natal chart, this situation can be clearly seen.

China transits

Water and rain is ruled by Neptune so it here we look for the answers and they soon come. As you will be aware if you have been reading my posts recently, Neptune has been and still is in conjunction with fixed star Sadalmelek in the Urn of Aquarius the water bearer. In the UK we have floods and non stop rain for weeks and transiting Neptune was sitting bang on the UK Pluto, planet of excess of death and destruction. Guess what? On the Chinese chart transiting Neptune is now almost exactly quindecile Pluto, which of course is in conjunction natally with Mars which rather increases the energy up a notch or two. Quindeciles are focused aspects of obsession, rather like Pluto in nature. The two planets are just 4 minutes of a degree from an exact 165 degree quindecile, and right on cue as close contact was made the rain came down in torrents.

The flash nature of this event is seen by Neptune also being trine to the Chinese natal Uranus, the planet of shocks. Remember this degree 2:36 Pisces in relation to the Chinese chart. I bet you when Mars or Saturn or another malefic planet hits this point, something shocking will happen in China. It seems to me to be a vulnerable point which could trigger unexpected and maybe tragic events.

Elsewhere on this chart, the Chinese Sun is being battered by an opposition by Uranus and a square by Pluto – Pluto also opposes natal Uranus too and Mars has just moved over a conjunction with the Sun. Behind the scenes, I suspect things are happening in China at a top level. We won’t know exactly what as the natal Chinese Sun sits hidden away in the secretive 8th house, but keep your eyes open for any signs of a power struggle developing. Transiting Uranus and Pluto (the chart ruler) hitting that natal Sun through the rest of the year could indicate some sort of fundamental change and hints at rebellion and independent revolt.

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