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Full Moon in Capricorn on 3rd July 12 – Intense and practical, emotional and unpredictable.

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On the back of all the intense planetary activity that has been swirling around in the past fortnight, we have a really notable full Moon forming on 3rd July in Capricorn as she conjuncts with Pluto in opposing the Sun making a t-square with Uranus at the focus point (see below). On the same day Mars shifts from Virgo into Libra, the sign of relationships. How will all this pan out? I try to decipher it for once using my own personal experiences.



Full Moons show the completion of a cycle as the Moon stands out in the sky in it’s full glory bathed in the light of the Sun which reflects off it. From here in the Moon’s transit around the grand circle of constellations, the light reflected off it stars to lessen and our lunar cousin starts it’s journey of around two weeks until a new Moon is born. In human terms, think of a the Full Moon (the Moon represents the female side of human nature) in the terms of a woman’s monthly cycle as she reaches ovulation. This analogy fits in beautifully with the story I am about to tell.

In astrology, the Full Moon is also seen in as a completion of something, an enforced breaking of ties, a tipping point, an ending of a phase of life or a situation occurs where you realise you have gone as far as you can go. This particular Full Moon is a hugely intense one, coming as it does as part of a t-square which will have ramifications for many of us, including incidentally myself and my wife Efsun, who I love very much. I don’t normally write about my personal life on this blog, but maybe the situation which we will be experiencing can help you understand what this Full Moon in Capricorn is all about.

On the 3rd July, Efsun is flying off to her home country of Turkey for 3 months so we will be apart for a long time, reflecting the nature of the event unfolding above us. This trip was arranged months ago because my sister in law got pregnant and she decided with her husband to have the baby born in New York as his brother lived there. She is very close to her mother and tradition dictates that as much of the family as is possible be at the birth to celebrate, so she asked her mum & dad to travel to America to join them. This lead to complications, for my father in law is 80 years of age and having health problems did not want to travel away for such a long time. A decision was reached between the rest of the family that only my mother-in-law would travel out to help my sister in law, and my wife would return to Turkey to look after dad until after the baby was born.

The Full Moon conjunct Pluto shows the deep emotion of the day when we will part at the airport, but there is so much more to the t-square forming on this day if you transpose it onto our personal charts. Efsun & I have very close ascendants in Libra and so this Full Moon hits both our 3rd houses in a similar spot, the Sun opposite in the 9th. The Sun opposed to the Moon reflects us splitting apart and being as far apart as we could be (Sun husband/wife Moon) and the orientation 3rd to 9th house shows the reason, my wife’s sister in the 3rd house of siblings or my 9th sister-in-law (3rd of the 7th in derivative houses). The 9th is also the house of long distance travel which fits in with the situation. The Full Moon squares onto Uranus in our 6th houses which is the focus of why all this is happening. Both our daily routines are going to be upset by our parting, and low and behold my father-in-law is an Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) and Aquarius rules both our 5th houses, the house of children. You could not make it up!!

The Full Moon in Capricorn will I think bring tough decisions or situations to bare upon us but clarity at the same time, Saturn which is Capricorn’s planet brings us direction even if it brings us hard situations to overcome. The conjunction with Pluto also highlights issues of control and one thinks on a more global scale that the global banking irregularities highlighted in the past couple of days will be cracked down upon swiftly and decisively. This could be the end of a cycle for those in the big financial institutions and investment houses (ruled by Pluto) who thought they could get away with murder.

In more general terms, look for shock emotional breakdowns and endings, made all the more surprising because of the square presence of Uranus. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and their impending divorce comes directly to mind as one that came out of the blue and I don’t think Tom saw it on the cards – the full Moon opposes his Cancerian Sun squared by shocking Uranus. Looking at Katie’s chart, that Full Moon lands conjunct in her 5th house, look out for an almighty battle for control over her daughter Suri.

Remember what I said about Mars changing signs too. Our focus will shift to relationships with other people as this Full Moon hits, for fairness and justice and we will be prepared now to fight for what we want. For Efsun and I the focus now is on relationships with other people too; my wife will be helping my father-in law as much as she can, and I will have a chance to throw myself wholly into my work (I obviously deal with people) in the next few months while she is away.

Look to where the Full Moon hits on your chart and then for the wildcard element and the focus of why any change is occurring, look to where Uranus sits. For example if the Full Moon hits in your 2nd house your personal finance or possessions (2nd) may be an area of life that concerns you leading you to interact with big businesses by maybe taking a financial loan out (8th) – this whole episode may be prompted by unexpected 5th house issues centred around speculation, children or maybe creative activities that upset the balance of your life.

The signal sent out by this particular Full Moon I think will be one of tough practical experiences, break ups and endings of cycles combined with deep emotion and lack of control brought about by unusual events that we were not expecting. It is asking us to take up a challenge, to act positively in the face of adversity and the big odds stacked against us. There is a positive slant though; the fact that this is a cardinal t-square, asking us to act and make the best of the situations we are facing. If you do have difficult circumstances like myself and my wife to deal with, remember that the whole episode coming up may be very hard, but in the long run Capricorn(Saturn) and Pluto will eventually bring about slow but beneficial change. In our own case, I am hoping through all the pain of separation and the sacrifice that we must endure, we will get the eventual respect our families allowing us to bond closer than has happened in the past…

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