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The European Debt Crisis - Exploring the astrological link between Greece and the Euro

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Greece is on it’s knees again as an attempt to set up a far left coalition government in Greece failed and now an emergency administration is being put in place to give some direction to the ailing country. As I have indicated in previous posts Greece will be looking down the barrel of a gun for years to come and they still have to experience a very tough Pluto opposition to Saturn and the Ascendant in 2014. This post however takes a quick look at why Greece has been so intrinsically liked to the problems in with the Euro currency.

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Have a look at the synastry chart between the Euro and the modern Greek chart of 1974. First thing to say is that back in 1999 when Greece was accepted to join the single currency, the rest of Europe knew that there was a problem regarding Greek debt and told them to sort out their book-keeping but they decided to generally ignore it. The Greek Sun is exactly conjunct the Euro’s Moon, there was a love affair between the creators of the Euro to get as many countries on board at the launch of the currency, and the Greeks I think charmed their way into the picture. Look at the Sun/Venus conjunction opposite to Jupiter on the inside wheel with the Greek Saturn and Mercury conjunction on the outside influencing this opposition. You can see the over optimism through Jupiter opposite Sun/Venus appeasing the Greek Government (Saturn) and believing that all would be ok with the figures (Mercury). The problem was that the Greeks hid so much of the real debt problems behind closed doors. The Greek Neptune, the planet that more than other hiding the truth is opposite the Euro’s natal Saturn – the administration of the Euro was going to be subjected to a test from a hidden Greek problem. On the Greek chart, below, you can see Neptune trine to the Greek Sun, this shows deception and idealism going to the heart of the leadership.

Greece natal

Now when the real extent of the size of Greek debt problems were exposed, what would be the ramifications and what will happen? Uranus on the national Greek chart signifies national debt, as Aquarius sits on the cusp of the 8th house. It is interesting that the Greek Uranus is trine the Euro Uranus, Greek debt coming to the fore caused instability (Uranus) in how the currency was being seen. The Euro chart is ruled by Mercury with Virgo on the Ascendant and the Euro’s Mercury is square to Greece’s Uranus too. Here is yet another  link between rebellion and revolt in Greece and the stability of the Euro. 

Greece has a Cancerian ascendant and the Moon it’s ruler is conjunct to Pluto the planet of death and rebirth. From 1974 it would have been obvious to any astrologer that Greece would be subject at some point in the future to a crisis that would reshape the country. That conjunction is square to the Euro’s Venus, very significant as Venus normally rules finance and money and very appropriately Venus rules the Euro’s 2nd house. This house is the house of self-confidence, any transitions in Greece would no doubt affect the standing of the Euro.

There is a very significant t-square on this synastry chart which may predict the future. Greek expansion and national optimism and overseas trade is represented by Jupiter. This Jupiter is linked to the Euro’s Mars by a conjunction, action by the European Central Bank that runs the Euro is the key to Greece progressing as a country. Greek’s destiny shown the North Node is conjunct the Euro’s Pluto square to this Jupiter/Mars conjunction. In essence, Greece can only progress when the European Central Bank acts (Mars) and the Euro itself goes through a transformation. The fact that Jupiter on the Greek chart conjuncts the Midheaven from the 9th house and trines the Greek ascendant as well as Saturn, Mercury and Venus shows that international factors will affect the national standing of the country, the government, national opinion and the national finances, pretty much confirming my assertions from the synastry chart. Astrologically, it looks very much like the breaking of the link between Greece and the Euro should be beneficial to both.

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