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The French Elections – France gets ready to hail a new leader.

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On Solaris Astrology I always like to look at different ways of examining the planets and the stars in working out someone’s character or the likely outcome to a situation. In the past few months I have become more and more intrigued by Visual Astrology – that is connecting the sky we see at night to what is happening here on earth. I find this relevant as it connects back to the origins of the subject which I now study and blog about. Thousands of years ago, the people of the day had no TV or entertainment of sorts, and in the evenings their attention would have naturally been drawn to the skies above them, the stars, planets and constellations and their steady progressions across the night skies. The planets are characters in a moving play, the constellations and the mythology of them add to a drama that is forever unfolding before one’s eyes, yet few on earth now pay little if any attention to what is happening right above us. We should!! I now know that much wisdom has been lost in the mists of time, and on discovering the wonderful work of Aussie astrologer Bernadette Brady, I realised that the messages that the night skies relay do have real credence to today’s world, not only on an Astrology wheel on a computer screen, but right in front of our eyes every night. Today at looking at the French elections I aim to prove this point.

Tradition handed down over thousands of years says that Venus confers a blessing on whoever she shines her light. Furthermore, the time when Venus is visible to the naked eye be it when the Sun is rising or setting gives a signal that the established rulers of the day are being conferred different types of power. Seen as morning star visible just before the Sun rises, Venus traditionally allows the ruler to act more independently, maybe more rashly and freely. Naturally, at the time of an election, this tends to favour someone who already holds power, the incumbent. When Venus is visible as an evening star, visible in the sky after the Sun sets then the tradition says that the rulers of the day act more as a team, co-operation is the name of the game, making deals with others. This more “political” air suits the rise of a challenger who needs to make the deals and gain the support to take the crown and the power of the day. Go back over all the previous US elections and more often than not, where Venus is located in the sky and where she shines her light determines who and which side wins the day.

The French Election shows a really interesting picture. I now add a couple of other actors to the cast. Saturn in astrological mythology represents the established leader. Saturn as you will know from my blog is harsh, makes the hard decisions, brings patience and authority. Jupiter on the other hand in old Astrology was know as the pretender to the throne, the prince in waiting. Jupiter shows optimism, learning, a gambler’s instinct and need to expand one’s horizons, all qualities a potential leader needs before he takes the ultimate step and accedes to the throne.

22nd April 2012

Now look at the night sky for the 22nd April 2012 over Paris, France. The picture above shows the Sun setting on the horizon, closely followed by Jupiter in conjunction with the Moon which is passing directly over the top of it – the people (the Moon in mundane “national” astrology represents the general population) conferring favour on the Prince of the night sky - in France the “heir” to the throne, Francois Hollande. Following on behind is Venus, which as you can tell at this time of year is the evening star. If you look out tonight and in the nights to come in the early evening to the West you will see Venus shining brightly. Where is Saturn, Sarkozy the established ruler? Nowhere to be seen. This to me says that there is going to be a shift of power in France, no two ways about it.

6th May 2012

This election may not be cut and dried and may have to go to a second round of voting on 6th May. If we look at the night sky for that evening the picture has changed a little but the story is even more conclusive. On this day, the Prince in waiting, Francois Hollande will get the full power of the Sun itself as Jupiter and the Sun make a conjunction and the transfer of power in France will be complete. The Sun in mundane Astrology shows the leader or king of the country, where the power lies. It does also suggest as this will be the signature for his Presidential term that this will be an expansionist term of office for the new ruler. Growth (Jupiter) of the flagging economy in France is going to be a main plank of the agenda that Hollande is going to push over the next few years. Venus conjuncts with the star El Nath, the tip of the Bull’s horn in the constellation of Taurus. This is very significant, as El Nath is a star that when combined with Venus shows anti-establishment tendencies, an opposition view and encourages one to go against social customs. Venus is showing her approval for the one with the opposing view of the establishment. Hollande I suspect will literally “take the bull by the horns” and immediately start ripping up all the old Sarkozy policies to instil his new more socialist agenda. Notice how one can make sense out that the positions of the planets and their connections with the stars. I find it fascinating, and I hope you do too.

All this analysis has been made possible by the wonderful Starlight programme that was developed by Bernadette Brady. Over the next weeks and months I will be combining my normal astrological approach of using the astrological wheel that we all know and love & combining it with the visible movements of the planets as well as their relationships with the constellations and stars in the skies – in essence pulling all the information we have at our fingertips and in the heavens above us to enlighten and to guide us through the difficult times of this Summer that lay ahead.


Francois Hollande - An astrological profile (written in early February)

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