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Russell Brand and Katy Perry – Divorce papers in the post

Katy Russell

This is the first “Astrology Shorts” post that I am doing, a new feature for 2012 which I will take a brief look at a subject, mainly celebrity based. I am still going to be doing my in depth analysis looks at important people in the news and look out for monthly reviews of the planetary movements. Today I am looking at pop singer Katy Perry and comedian and actor Russell Brand who had been married just 14 months, before they officially decided to split.


RussellBrand Katy Perry

Ok Russell Brand (4/6/75 – Grays, England – no time) and Katy Perry (25/10/84 – Santa Barbara, California – no time). If you want to look at Russell in more depth please click on the link at the bottom of the article. In truth, rather like the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries get together, this was never really going to work. A hyperactive Gemini Sun Mercury with Moon in Aries in Russell paired with a secretive triple Scorpio Sun and Moon and Mercury in Katy. They didn’t have a single aspect link between these three planets and there was no Mars Venus link either except a rather competitive Mars square to Mars. The only real connection between the two was a common North Node/South Node conjunction. Connections to the Nodes are often fateful, but generally don’t last too long. It is like the two spirits come together for one last time to settle any outstanding issues from a previous life, and then they part. There was friendship, with her Venus close to his Neptune, but that alone would not sustain a marriage for long. With his Sun opposite to her Uranus and his conjunct to hers, the would have needed plenty of space. They now have what they needed.

RussellBrandKatyPerry comp transits

Russell filed for divorce in Los Angeles today (30th Dec 2011) as transiting Saturn and opposing Jupiter were (more or less) square to Katy and Russell’s composite Moon (see above), bringing liberty and the intervention of the legal system (Jupiter) as well as the failure (Saturn) of their union. Transiting Neptune was just about to connect with their composite North Node. The one link they did have between them (the combined Nodal one) was being dissolved and disintegrated. Transiting Mars was activating their composite Saturn/Neptune square which is quite a disruptive and undermining aspect in a composite astrology chart in the first place. Mars job here as I see it was to widen the cracks between them, bringing argument and conflict and forcing them to act  by dissolving (Neptune) the marriage (Saturn). The announcement today was shown by transiting Mercury (representing the media) conjunct Neptune activating the same square from the other end.

Russell Brand - Russell Brand – From drug addict to worldwide star

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